About us

A few things about us / What we do

Dive Greece is a PADI Dive Resort situated in the premises of Xenios Anastasia Resort & Spa in Kassandra – Halkidiki, an hour's drive from Thessaloniki's airport.

There, in a location of rare beauty where olive trees, sea and sun create a unique canvas, your diving journey in Halkidiki starts!

We`re a Diving Service Provider certified by the Greek Port Authorities, which means that we can legally offer recreational diving services in Greece (train divers, organize and lead dives and rent equipment).

Mission Statement

With the flexibility of the small business and the passion for diving, we “listen to you” carefully, having one target only: to provide you with the best diving holidays you have ever had!

Our philosophy is diver-centered: we work to meet your needs and desires by treating you individually. Each diver is unique and special to us; our mission is to exceed your expectations.

We offer you high quality and full diving services. Our equipment is up-to-date and we focus on the continuous training of our staff. We carefully plan each activity and apply as many resources as necessary to create the best value for you.

Nothing is left to chance, safety is our first priority. We follow the highest safety standards and we work as a team to provide the safest environment for you.

These are the values that rule our diving & hotel packages. Our mission is to offer you an unforgettable diving experience, to ensure you have fun and enjoy your holidays. How do we measure our success? By seeing you again next year!

Our Team


Emilios Seretakis

Administration – Padi Master Scuba Diver Trainer

After working as an accountant for nearly 10 years (MSc in Finance, MSc in Economics), Emilios started working as a certified adult teacher when he realized that his altruism and pedagogic skills could meet his passion for diving. Having grown up by the seaside and having deep knowledge of Halkidiki’s marine environment, he is there to welcome you and ensure that you get the best from your dives. Always listening to you, he continuously challenges himself to make Dive Greece positively change your diving adventures!


Anastasia Deligianni

Reservations manager

With her practical sense and rich experience in sales, matching people’s needs to the available resources, Anastasia will find the best solution for you on the every-day schedule. She’s very often your first contact with Dive Greece, and her large personality and smile make you feel at home. Having studied Greek History and Civilization, she is the right person to help you organize not only your dives but your whole stay in Halkidiki, by highlighting the local points of interest.


Apostolos Floridis


Being in the water and diving simply became second nature to Apostolos. As a graduate of the Sports Science School of the University of Thessaloniki and a swimming instructor, he has had successful working experience as a divemaster in other diving centers before joining our team. His knowledge of the local marine life, his ability to look after other people and his communication skills make Apostolos the perfect buddy for your dives in Halkidiki.

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